Monday, December 10, 2007

Nothing worthy

OSU has begun preparations for the Emerald Bowl. Great.

'Qizz Rodgers is lighting up Houston high school football. I am not a Quizz hater, I just don't think the Beaver Nation has to turn into Ohio State because of a sports writers fetish with this kid. I hope he doesn't feel fan pressure yet either. Don't forget the kid hasn't signed paper yet. Idiots.

Michael Vick is quite possibly the dumbest human being on the planet.

When I was playing ball at OSU I used to have a killer mix CD I'd listen to before every practice and game- yes, I used to get fired up for practice. I loved practice as much as games to be honest. Anyway I stumbled on a great rap song that used to get me fired up(still does), I remember that Stanford played this song during pregame warm ups, yes Stanford had hip hop blaring away. I bet all the straight laced Phd's loved it......

Check the vid:

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