Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy Oregon State

I've been surfing the net checking out stats for the Beavers so far. It's damn impressive data for the Beav's. Canfield is out of his mind. The Rodgers Bros. are sick. But the OSU D is putting up impressive stats too.

WSU is in for an ass whupping. I hope the Beavers win and don't suffer any injuries. That is the scariest part of this game. WSU, in the rain, and cold. WSU has nothing to lose.

OSU's defense has made a huge statistical improvement. They are currently in 1st place in the Pac-10 for rush defense, 15th nationally. This is the stat that I pay most attention to when evaluating a defense. Run defense is the most important stat by far.

I am psyched that OSU has a chance at winning the Pac-10. Two more games to go.

My message to Beaver football players is "Just Win Baby"! OSU doesn't need to win by 31 Saturday, just win and stay healthy.

The Ducks are looming. If OSU wins out this year, it will be a miracle. But that's not new to the Riley led era at OSU.

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