Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beavers crush UW

Canfield proved he is the best Pac-10 QB at this point in the season. Stats don't lie. His consistency is awesome. His lack of INT's is unreal. I am psyched to see a kid improve at the college game, it's a good sign for pro scouts too.

The OSU D is playing like a unit for a change. Kids are maturing.

Quizz proved he is either #1 or #2 to Gerhart. James is also underrated.

Cal's QB sucks. But luckily they beat Arizona. Thus helping the Beav's Pac-10 championship hopes.

USC got whupped by Stanford today. Stanford posted 55 at SC. The most ever by an SC opponent. If Harbaugh had problems recruiting before, he has no excuse going forward.

The Beavers can make things interesting with 2 more wins.

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