Monday, January 04, 2010

The Worst Schedule Ever

(image source: OSU Alumni/Corvallis Gazette Times)

I've added the 2010 schedule to the sidebar. Check it.

BTW- 6% of the OSU Beaver Football Blog readership picked OSU to go 8-5 in 2009. 94% of us are donkeys ( I picked the Beav's to go 9-4).

The TCU game is still in negotiation, hopefully the deal will blow up and OSU can get their shit together.

OSU is clearly not thinking straight. I've said it a million times, OSU does not need Top 10 opponents in the pre-season to get in the BCS!!!!

Why are people in Corvallis so stupid??? They already have the facilities! They don't need more money to win. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Play winnable opponents in the Pac-10 preseason and win the Pac and you are in the BC F'in' S. WTF?


Quik said...

Does anybody want to talk about recruiting? Specifically how fuggin horrible OSU is doing in this years campaign. We are at the bottom of the pac-10, with only 2 weeks left till the final signing day. We are ranked 65th in the nation. This is just ridiculous, shameful, atrocious, and unacceptable. I want heads on a platter damn it. How does Washington and Washington State recruit better classes than anybody in the pac-10? Riley needs to pull his little head out of his pacifist ass and get us some talent. [endrant/]

Aaron Stelle said...

While I think it would be sweet to watch Oregon State play in Texas Stadium, I agree with you. I'd rather watch them play SMU or even Texas. TCU is a lose-lose situation. If we win then they were from a small over rated conference and if we lose then we lose.