Friday, March 11, 2011

Final Thoughts on OSU's Basketball Season

I watched the Arizona game last night. I watched Joe Burton. I don't know this kid, but I'd say he's got issues. Physically he is a really big guy, mentally he is a 2 yr old. Yes, the Arizona players got physical with him, but I saw him grabbing/pushing the entire time he was on the court. I saw him turn the ball over. Shit, I saw lot's of amazingly stupid plays by OSU players- I don't want to single out Burton. But if I played for Arizona I would have literally kicked him in the balls(I think one AZ player grabbed them...oh well). Arizona's 3 pt trifecta completely deflated OSU at the start of the second half. The whole thing felt like AZ imposed it's will on OSU and OSU accepted the imposition.

Cunningham looked good, but again mentally weak. How do you forget to stay hydrated between games? Come on man.....

I still think CR is not the right guy. The team reflects him. 'nuff said. 

OSU's football team has injury issues coming into this spring. Katz is out, Rogers is out, Bishop is out. Geez. I guess it's good that other kids will get reps. 

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