Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring comments

I kept up with the Beavers spring practice, but didn't feel the need to comment. The Beavers are getting tons of press coverage these days. There seemed to be a dozen journalists covering the practice sessions. This is unreal to me- since I played with OSU sucked, it's awesome that OSU has a program worthy of the attention.

Injuries were one of the unfortunate outcomes this spring. McCants going down was really bad.

The defense looks immature to me. Yes the spring game was good-but still. Lots of guys are playing new positions. The DB's are green as field turf. Luckily OSU has a defensive scheme that is above average even when it's run by average players. Banker is a stud. OSU's LB's are a concern too, and I am probably the only blogger who feels that way. My biggest concern is a lack of size. Height or weight-wise- OSU is small. Power teams will try and exploit this next year-trust me.

Net net- the Beavers looked good, and will field another competitive team in the Pac-10. The question is whether this team is going to over-achieve.

Based on history, I think they will.

Here is a killer video on Sammy Stroughter. He looks soooo much like Marvin Harrison, it's kinda weird.

Check it

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