Thursday, August 13, 2009

Game On

I am amazed at the respect OSU is getting these days, it is so awesome! #25 pre-season ranking isn't too shabby for a team that lost 13 starters. It says alot about the confidence the media/fans have in Mike Riley's program.

The Portland St game is going to be televised on FSN Sept 5th, which is really cool. The 11:30am kickoff is even better, no doubt morning cocktails will be served at my house....

The University of Oregon is using helmut cams as a coaching tool, I think this actually pretty brilliant and not as expensive as the folks at the Oregonian think it is. Think about it, a HD webcam with a wi-fi link(<$150), and a video software package(Free on the Mac, $ on the PC), and you are off and running. The benefit of this view of tape can do wonders with dealing with QB decision making. Monitoring/learning from the QB's check off behavior is way easier if you can see tape from his perspective. The helmut cam could also teach the QB how to look off properly too. For such a simple and effective act, most QB's don't do it properly. I hope the Beavers don't freak out that there arch rival came up with the idea first, oh well. More comments:

A reporter in Seattle just figured out that the Rodgers bros are important to OSU.

Oregon State is cultivating it's walk-on WR's, Mike Hass and Alexis Serna both walked on

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