Sunday, December 06, 2009

Beavers play BYU in Vegas

Wow. From the Rose Bowl to the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22nd. This will the second trip to Vegas for the Beavers this year. I am sure the players are psyched.

The byline of the game is that BYU's Head Coach played and coached at OSU. How exciting.

The Beavers need to win this game more than BYU. Finishing 8-5 is okay, but 9-4 is better. BYU is 10-2. They probably won't be psyched to play an 8-4 team. This is a winnable game.

Other good news about this bowl is that gives the coaching staff more time to recruit, since their game is over Dec 22nd, and the competition is playing into the new year. That's assuming that OSU thinks they should be getting top tier players that also consider Oregon, USC, Texas, Florida,etc.

I've read a lot of blog comments about how great it is that the Beavers have 20 returning starters next year. I think some of the starters are not that good, and could be replaced with 5 star frosh talent. It will be interesting to see if Riley dips deep into the JC talent pool to jump start the defense or offense. Yes, I said jump start. Sadly, Riley's track record with JC kids is spotty. It seems like these kids barely make academic eligibility every year. It's 50/50 whether they actually make fall camp. The defense needs the most help, followed by the offensive line.

I realize Riley is not going to get a lot of 5 star athletes, and can make due with the kids he gets. But to build depth, and starter talent, he needs more ponies in the stable. I am throwing the gauntlet down, the Beavers need to have an above average recruiting class, no matter what the outcome of the BYU game is.

If the OSU coaches need motivation, try watching this video, over and over and 4:37 in the video Keaton Kristick gets run over...badly.

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