Sunday, February 20, 2011

OSU men's hoops really sucks

There are so many bloggers posting about the OSU men's hoops team this winter. Everyone is pretty down on Craig Robinson. It's apparent that this year's weak performance is a result of poor coaching. There are a million reasons why OSU's team is getting creamed routinely, but the main one has to fall on the coach.

The latest nail in CR's coffin- losing 83-62 to your main rival. CR has lost his momentum in rebuilding this program, after 3 years he is running out of time. Will OSU's AD make a change? I doubt it. He will make a change once all the damage is really done. Kinda like he did with women's hoops.

OSU's baseball team won their first game of the year over Gonzaga in extra innings. Nice to see them start with a hard fought win.

OSU's football squad is starting spring practice next month, I hope these kids have put time in the weight room, especially on the o-line.

I don't know about you but I have some built up anger from this past football season, this weak hoops season,etc. If I was playing football at OSU I would have a chip on my shoulder and an itchy trigger finger.

PS- OSU still needs to get rid of Nike. Everytime I see that swoosh it pisses me off.

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