Monday, February 28, 2011

Paea shines, Quizz not so much

Paea breaks the all time bench press record for the NFL combine:

Stephen is projected to be a late first round draft pick. There is no shortage of teams that need someone who can stuff the middle like Stephen can. Too bad his teammates at OSU were so lacking last year, Paea is a rare specimen that wasn't exploited enough.

I stated previously that I thought it was a bad idea for Quizz Rogers to leave early. I still believe he would have gained more getting his degree and finishing his career strong. Quizz ran a 4.64 40 yard dash at the combine this weekend, which is not horrible, but not that great. Usually players prepare to run their very best 40 time at the combine, if this is Quizz's best, he probably runs a 4.7 on average. This explains why there weren't many break away runs during his highly productive college career. The NFL network is projecting Quizz to get drafted in the 3-4 rounds, and NFL Spin Zone did research on the success rate of players drafted in those rounds- 46% of the players are successful. However, a much smaller % who were successful were RB's. The research based success on 4 yrs in the league, starting 1 or more games, not starting but contributing. I don't think Quizz won't get drafted, but I do think it will be a mid-late round pick. A team will give him a shot just like they did with Frank Gore or Leon Washington. The question is whether or not Quizz will be durable when 300lb'ers slam him repeatedly since he doesn't have the speed to avoid pain trains. Quizz is great at making shifty moves ala Barry Sanders, but unlike Barry- Quizz can't outrun danger. Barry ran a legit 4.3. Even if Quizz gets shifty inside the tackles, he will get blasted by LB's and DB's. Unlike college, NFL LB's are consistently vicious. That said, Quizz is young and probably hungry(not having a degree will help that).

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