Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oregon State 2nd Qtr comments vs Portland State

This is sooooo embarrassing. The score should be 35-0. It's 14-13 PSU.

The offense and defense are completely sloppy and unprepared. At one point Portland State had more penalty yards than offensive yards. I am not sure the Beavers can play worse. 

If the Beavers lose this game......I don't know what I will do.  

Bright spots are the TE's(minus the boneheaded penalties). The offense is going to have to center on them this year. The height difference they bring is awesome. The only weak part is that they all look soft, none look in incredible physical shape. They have good hands, and can move(although not fast). 

Mannion is playing down to his teammates. He needs to ignore their shortcomings and make other players look good.

RB's look okay. OL looks horrible unless in pass protection. None of the WR's look good. This is going to be a TE//RB oriented offense this year. 

The DL and LB's need to play smart and physical. They are not using their heads this game. 

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