Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 Days till the we start cutting some Cardinal wood

Phil's Stanford Game Preview:

This is more a collection of questions than it is a preview of the game.

The OSU offense is led by an extremely talented group of athletes. The two keys to me are the play of the offensive line and the quarterback. The receivers have tons of experience. Straughter will have to shed the demons that plagued him last year which seems to be very likely to happen. "Big" Rodgers has great speed and should keep everyone on their toes when he starts in motion. At this point the running backs are still nameless which is a good thing. The horses are all ready to prove that they belong. This leads to our two big questions. Will the offensive line tighten up and ball? They better! Moevao needs time. Time leads to a strong passing game and a strong passing game leads to a productive running game. Moevao can make the plays. He simply needs to play within himself, take few chances and trust what he sees.

The defense has a strong front and experience backfield but a flabby belly. This is not a foreign place to be for us. A few years back the linebackers were the "inexperienced and small" group that turned out to be rated as high as the vaunted USC crew of professionals. If the linebackers can play sideline to sideline and plug the run the D can hold their own. The DB's will be beaten at times, but as Meat points out, all of the receivers who venture out to catch a pass will have Al "I blew up Jake Locker" Afalava on their mind. The d-line and will hit the QB. The defense is reliant on the offensive line as well. Fatigue can kill them. The more the offense is on the field the more fresh the D will be.


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