Sunday, August 17, 2008

OSU's defense will not be as good as last year

I am glad that OSU's new offensive players are balling, but our defense is looking weak. The Rodgers brothers are showing excellent skills this fall, and Moevao is deliver good passes. The O-line looks like it is still a guessing game. So does the whole team. Who I am I kidding.

Building the Dam spells out this year's issues- Read More

There are a lot of players nursing injuries which bothers me. Jeremy Perry needs to get his act together and start practicing. He is stupid to think NFL scouts will ignore fall camp performance. Perry is not the only one. There are others. Our defense needs help.

The way the team is performing this camp is positive over all. We could be fun to watch. WTF. Last year was a lot different.

Good news- OSU has ballers on both sides of the ball. Remember Al "My hits melt you like" Afalava. The level of talent on OSU's skill positions is obvious, minus the QB. Our QB is still a question mark in my mind. I don't care how much weight Moevao lost in the offseason.

Here is an example of the kind of "game changing" damage Al can do:

Our kicking game is a complete question mark, actually check that. I can say it sucks. Punters and PK's are suspect.

Defense and Special Teams wins championships. Remember this.

This reminds me of the 2000 team minus the complete obscure QB leading the team. We have obvious strength at WR and RB. Perhaps Victor Butler could be the next DeLawrence Grant.

I can't wait for Stanford. I hope we crush them 38-7.

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