Friday, December 03, 2010

Civil War ain't so civil

This years edition of the Civil War (12:30 PST kickoff) is probably the most torturous ever for the Beaver Nation. The fact that ESPN is at the game, the odds of OSU winning are 1 million to 1 at least, the game is nationally televised, OSU injuries are prevalent, the last game was a blowout loss(albeit to a top 5 team), OSU's Pac-10 and national stats are bottom tier on offense and defense.

These are conditions for disaster for OSU. Friends of mine keep saying that it's the Civil War and records and stats don't matter, but I am not buying that BS. ESPN is doing it's job in hyping the game as much as they can, but they know OSU is going to get plastered. In interviews Chip Kelly has done an incredible job being diplomatic about the ass whupping he is about to administer. Mike Riley is being Mike Riley.

If the Beavers keep it close they can save some face. If they win then they shock the world and at least go to a bottom tier bowl and have a better chance in the recruiting wars.

Building the Dam has an inspirational video that we hope the Beaver players watch over and over tonight. Perhaps they'll gain some initiative to play out of their minds. I don't think trying hard will affect the final outcome however. Ryan Katz won't inspire anyone based on this vid. Quizz comments on fighting hard. I don't think the OSU players will react well when they are down 3 scores early. I also don't think that an early lead will hold given the explosiveness of Oregon's offense. Oregon has a ton at stake in this game, do you think they will come out flat? I don't.

My prediction: 63-14 Oregon. The first half might be close, but in the 3rd and 4th quarters it gets ugly.

PS to OSU players- feel free to prove my prediction wrong... xoxox OSUBFBB

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