Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oregon St is par with Idaho

Desmond Collins is a talented high school kid who changed his commit from Idaho to OSU this week. Below is a quote. Is this supposed to be a positive? The only difference was that Oregon St was in a BCS conference. WTF. Howabout 1st round draft picks? Howabout beat downs against USC? Howabout bowl appearances? Howabout current NFL players? Howabout OSU's academics? Idaho was close? Really? W-T-F

“All along, my feeling was the two schools were pretty equal and the one difference was Oregon State played in a BCS conference,” Collins told ESPN. “I was OK with that but lately, I started hearing more and more talk about a lot of schools jumping out of the WAC conference and it made me think a little more. I know Fresno State, Hawaii and maybe even Nevada could all leave and I don’t know what that would do for the conference. I didn’t know if Idaho would stay or if there would even be a conference any more.”

Here is some video containing Collins gameplay this year:

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