Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oregon State should drop Nike now

I was having call with a buddy of mine who went to Nike's corporate campus in Oregon and I asked him to buy me something OSU related at the Nike store there. This store is known to have pretty cool gear at good prices. Nike does Oregon St's gear, I figured they had to have something special. He called me to tell me that the store had virtually nothing for OSU. There were two shirts bookending a boatload of UofO gear. They sucked. He told me the store was loaded with Oregon gear now that the Civil War had passed, which I understand Oregon is playing for the National Championship against Auburn. But still. 2 sh*tty t-shirts? Really?

I laughed it off as the reality that Phil Knight funds Oregon sports. He is not going to pub OSU gear on Nike's corporate campus store, let alone any other venue. Come on. Duh.

My question is why doesn't Oregon State use Under Amour?? Or Reebok or Adidas? Do we have to be Phil Knight's bitch? Really?

I am going to start something here, maybe go on YouTube. Nike needs to get punted, now.

BTW- OSU's uniforms sucked in the Civil War. If the "Combat Gear" was so great, why didn't UofO were that shit?


Anonymous said...

Your a joke. Been there when there was a bunch of clothing for osu. I just think they are pushing the Oregon gear right now. I have three things for you! 1.Scoreboard! 2. What bowl is osu headed to? 3. Oh, you know each thing bought by a osu fan that is made by Nike, that money is turned around and donated to Oregon. I personslly want to thank you for the help and have a Merry Christmas. Go Ducks! WTD!

Bret said...

It's true, was just there two days ago. Typically they have a decent supply of Beaver gear but not now, it's all puke stuff. It's sick and I hate the fact the Beavers wear Nike gear.

Webmaster said...

I understand why Oregon gear is prevalent at the Nike store, but it just got me thinking. Why use Nike when it's so obvious that the corporation is run by a Duck fan. BTW I am not trying to disrespect UofO's FB program, I am just saying that OSU should use another vendor that doesn't align itself or offer special treatment to an arch rival.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to not be the only one who feels this way. I hate the ducks and by extension, I hate Nike. We can do sooo much better with any other vendor who doesn't have anything to gain by providing us with substandard uniforms and equipment. We should make this known to the school, OSUAA, and especially the athletics department. Go BEAVS!