Sunday, October 23, 2011

2-5, Beav's beat the Cougs 44-21

Comments on a nice road win for the Beavers:

Sean Mannion is young but looks like a promising Pac-12 QB. In a couple years he could be fantastic, assuming the INT's go away. Alternatively we could be looking at Derek Anderson Jr. = TD's + INT's. Sean's QB rating was 202 for this game. 

Agnew ran for 103, and didn't blow up his hammy. I'd like to get psyched about him, but hamstrings are brutal. Durability of this kid could be an issue for awhile. 

The defense held on and made plays throughout. Which is amazing given the lack of depth. 

Let's see if the Beavers can win their next game against Utah- this appears to be a very winnable game.  So does the Cal game. Stanford, UW and Oregon are going to be really tough games.

Maybe 4-8 is a best case scenario now. It's better than 1-11, that's for sure.

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