Sunday, October 30, 2011


"In physics, energy (Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια energeia "activity, operation"[1]) is an indirectly observed quantity. It is often understood as the ability a physical system has to do work on other physical systems.[2][3] Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance (a length of space), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length."  Source: Wikipedia

If there is anyone out there who thinks the current coaching staff is energetic, let me know. As far as I can tell they are lost in space and embarrassing the university with their performance. Energetic behavior is not just about effort, efficient intelligence is also part of the program. Intuition/Quant/Qual skills are required. Boohoo. Life is tough.

I know this is harsh for some folks, but when you make $1M a year in salary the pressure is on. A 2-6 record shows a lack of energy on a monumental scale.

PS- I think the players are playing with energy- unfortunately misdirected by knucklehead coaches.

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