Sunday, October 09, 2011

OSU vs U of A commentary

I am glad OSU won. The kids needed it badly. Maybe they can get on a roll. Starting 0-4 makes the season what it is. Lemon-shit. Not lemonade, not a piece of shit. Lemon-shit. Let's say OSU wins out- I know that is remote, they finish 8-4, upsetting everyone along the way. What does that say if that did happen? The coaches don't know how to prepare for a season- again?

I am always encouraged that OSU's team comes back to play every week.  After yesterday's game, it really makes you wonder. Wait. Check that. I remember the concept of mediocrity.  The kids can play mediocre or better, can the coaches make it happen?

U of A coughed up the ball more than a kitten with hair balls. They made more bone headed plays than a 7 year old at the World Series of Poker.

Thankfully OSU remembered what a running game and luck is useful for and won. Enjoy it Beaver Nation. 

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