Friday, October 21, 2011

Apathy is setting in

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I've been talking to OSU alumni this week, getting their take on the disaster known as OSU football. 

Almost all said that they don't care what happens for the rest of the year. Most didn't care who they were playing this week. They all said they feel that Riley's employment contract is a huge obstacle to change and there's nothing anyone can do.  They all said they were not going to contribute cash to the program.

My research is completely unscientific, but it seems that folks are pretty frustrated. The Sac State loss hurts the most.  It was a massive embarrassment that could have been forgotten had OSU won the next week. At 1-5, there is no getting over it.

Given that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I can understand why alumn's don't want to care about the program. 

My prediction this week for those who do care- WSU. We could be looking at a 1-11 year. 


Evan Dahlquist said...

I think beaver faithful aren't that dejected. This is life in college football if you are not a perennial powerhouse - you see cycles occur.

Right now look at the talent and depth of starters who are Fr/So. They are going to get more experience and grow under the guidance of one of the best coaches in college football. If anyone is even considering that Riley isn't the right man for the job, then they don't fully understand or appreciate beaver football.

Final thought: 1997 was the last time we started anywhere close as many freshmen. 4 years later they went 11-1 and smashed ND in the Fiesta Bowl.

Webmaster said...

I am sure a lot of Beaver faithful in Oregon aren't dejected- maybe they should be. From someone living in CA- it is embarrassing.

OSU is not a perennial powerhouse. The usual top 10 teams reload, not rebuild. If a coach at a perennial powerhouse performed like Riley post '09 Civil War he would get fired. OSU does not appear to have high aspirations for it's program.

The 11-1 was loaded with JC players- like Ochocinco and TJ. The QB was a baller the first time he played, and was a walk-on I believe. He didn't start until the UW game that year. The 2000 season was a fluke.