Saturday, September 04, 2010

21-14 TCU

OSU is going toe-to-toe with a very good TCU team. OSU is very close to being very good on offense, however Quizz is not performing. Whether it's because of a lack of blocking or good defense.

Katz looks like the real deal. He has missed 4 passes that were huge, but he also made some nice passes.

As I mentioned, special teams is a critical component to this game. Hekker made a play then blew a play. His crappy punt gave TCU a short field with 2 minutes left. His great play was the fake punt. I hope he didn't blow his load on that fake punt. He needs to make punts in the second half.

Kahut is not reliable. He missed a makable kick.

This game will either get ugly in the 3rd quarter for the Beav's or they start making plays and win the game.

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