Sunday, September 05, 2010


I am not psyched about a lot of things that went down in the TCU game, but there were some bright spots that should lead OSU to a decent season.


Katz's performance (sorta)- for his first game it wasn't too bad, but his audible screw up cost OSU 2 pts and effectively ended the game.
Bishop's TD- Nice pitch and catch.
Nichol's 3rd down catch in the 1st half


Run Defense- 278 frickin' yds by TCU. OSU's safeties lead the team in tackles- 'nuff said.
Special Teams- one fake punt was a bright spot. Kahut missed a makable FG, and Hekker shanked a punt at the end of the 1st half that gave TCU a short field- which lead to a TD.
Run Offense- Quizz got a whopping 18 carries for 75 yds- WTF? OSU's o-line needs to hit the weightroom harder. They looked soft. The Beavers had 73 yds rushing for the whole game.
Pass efficiency- Katz was 9-25. This kind of efficiency will not cut it. Especially against teams that have good offenses, the Beavers need to control the clock.
Offensive Third Down Conversions- TCU owned the clock all game. The Beav's only converted 4 out of 11 ops. TCU was 11-17.


At least the Beavers did not embarrass themselves. The OSU defense, especially the LB's looked lost against an offense they've seen before. Arm tackling, over pursuing, added to a losing recipe. The pass defense was okay, two INT's were great. But the DB's had to make way to many tackles. The OSU offense got pwned at the line of scrimmage the whole game. Besides taking away the running game, they pressured Katz. Luckily Katz did not turn the ball over with a pick. The OSU coaches called an okay game, not great. The defensive scheme was hard to judge because a lot of the plays made by TCU were made because OSU was out of position and unable to recover. LB's are supposed to produce in Mark Banker's scheme, and they were AWOL. I think the Beavers will improve over the next two weeks, Louisville will be an interesting game the Beavers should win.


Kirkpatrick(Gazette Times)

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