Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blue Turf Nation is in da house!

My friend Cliff at Blue Turf Nation has agreed to do a Q&A swap with the OSU Beaver Football Blog! Blue Turf is a comprehensive BSU FB blog with multiple bloggers adding stuff all the time. Check it out.

Here are Cliff's answers to my questions:

1) What is the best way for a visiting team to overcome BSU's homefield advantage, besides practicing on blue turf?

Boise State is know for it's FAMOUS BLUE TURF and it has become the staple of their program. But what you must realize is that its just that a field. As with any field how do you prepare is depending on the surface, not the color. It is a new surface this year and OSU will be the first team to play on the new surface. I would recommend preparation starting with a artificial surface and put less focus on the actual color.

2) What weaknesses do you see in BSU's defense this year?

Confidence. If you watched the Va Tech game there were many exposed weaknesses. I believe if you can rattle the DB's confidence you can work from that angle. If you get burned and the backfield is firing on all cylinders it will be tough. With that said it is the first home game and there are many distractions that will come into play, likebeing back home with friends and family, ESPN College Game Day, ABC, etc. Target the emotional aspect and rattle the confidence and you can win the defensive battle.

3) What weaknesses do you see in BSU's offense this year? Is it possible to stop them?

Depth in the backfield is solid, depth in the receiving corps is solid, we have a QB that will soon be playing on Sundays that doesn't leave much other than the O-Line and the rotation and depth is solid there as well. Short answer, I think it is possible to stop the passing game with a team approach to your defense plan. But controlling the run? Now that's a field of a different color. So, I guess I should have just said no.

4) Is there a chance BSU might be overconfident after watching film of OSU's defense this year?

The one thing the coaching staff puts a great deal of emphasis is the overconfidence factor. I think OSU is a formidable Top 25 competitor and will not be overlooked. If film shows weaknesses you can expect Kellen to take every advantage they may find.

5) What will it take for OSU to pull the upset?

Start fast and have a couple of quick strikes and then battle it out in the trenches and hold on to that lead for all four quarters. Every time Boise State scores you will have to counter and then it will come down to the last man with the ball. Be prepared for Boise State to follow similar advice and that will be to strike fast, hard and often.

Blue Turf Nation Prediction:

41-17 Boise State. I really think some of what you have based your questions upon will be too much for Oregon State to handle and The Broncos will put some points on the board early and play three effective quarters and the second and third string will give up a few points in the fourth quarter.

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