Wednesday, September 15, 2010


OSU is ranked #25 this week, which is generous at this point. 1 game doesn't make a season, but it does say a lot about the team and it's potential. The Beavers were tied with 1 minute left in the 3rd qtr against TCU, and if not for a blown snap with 4 minutes left, the Beavers could have come back. Yes there was still 3:50 left after the free punt, but OSU's defense couldn't make the critical stop at the end.

This year's team is going to be competitive, but not dominant. I don't care how much the OSU defense improves statistically, they don't have the ponies to kick ass with. I remember last year when the Beavers went on a roll, and everyone was all happy and go-lucky, like the Beavers might beat UofO. If anyone dug into the stats of the OSU defense, they would've have seen that the OSU D didn't stand a chance. The OSU offense helped the defense more than they helped themselves.

This year will be more of the same. I don't think OSU needs to change it's defensive scheme as much as recruit better. Fundamentally the OSU defense modifies itself against each opponent, the problem is talent- and what the coaches have to work with. Riley needs a recruiting coordinator badly.

Anyway, OSU could win 35-7 against Louisville and have a great statistical game defensively, but it won't matter. Against quality opponents the weaknesses will show eventually(lack of speed and athletes at LB and DL). OSU has a bunch of ballers on offense this year, and they need to control the clock. The O-line is the question mark. I think the offense will improve more over the course of this season than the defense.

The Beavers registered 17 sacks last year, second to last in the FBS. They had 8 picks last year, tied for 95th.

OSU registered 1 sack in the TCU game. At least they got 2 picks.....

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