Saturday, September 18, 2010

This game is hard to watch

The score is now 14-7.

The Beavers just scored. Quizz ran it in after a couple good passes by Katz. Still, this is not a good performance by the Beavers. OSU's defense is horrible. The special teams are crap. Kahut can't kick the ball past the 20 yard line on kickoffs. Hekker looks average.

OSU's offense looks pathetic, missed blocks, missed reads. They are scrappy, not well tuned. The Defense is still garbage.

The Beavers are moving the ball sporatically because the Rodgers Bros. are getting things done-sorta.

Without a defense this game looks in jeopardy. I can't believe how bad OSU's defense is at this point. Banker is playing everybody on the depth chart.

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